- ENISUM is born as one man band founded by Lys in the year 2006. It's the first Arpitanian Black Metal Band from Susa and Lanzo lands. Project name comes from Musinè mountain in Susa land. After some self released and demo productions in 2014 was released the first full lenght "Samoht Nara" under the label Dusktone and in 2015 "Arpitanian Lands", album most appreciated by fans and reviewiers, always for the same label.


ENISUM songs talks about landscapes, cohabitation between man, nature and desolation. With the album "Samoht Nara", ENISUM start live activity in Europe.


ENISUM line-up is now:

Lys (voice/guitar)

Leynir (bass)

Dead Soul (drum)

Epheliin (female voice)

n the year 2016 ENISUM sign with Avantgarde Music that in 2017 release the album "Seasons Of Desolation".


In March 2019, always for Avantgarde Music, ENISUM release the album "Moth's Illusion".


From November 2014 to now, for ENISUM many shows played in Europe, including 3 European Tours (2 from headliner), 3 shows as support of the Ireland band Primordial, 2 shows with the Georgian Band Psychonaut IV and many European Festival with big names, including:


Dark Troll (2 times)

Dark Easter Metal Meeting



Barther Open Air

Northern Discomfort Fest

Autumn From Hell

Rock Metalcamp

Black Cult Doctrine

Warhorns Fest

Darkness Guides On Fest

Aaargh Festival


 - Arpitanian Black Metal



- Lys (voice, guitar)

- Leynir (bass)

- Dead Soul (drum)

- Epheliin (female voice in the album)

- Luu (live guitar)



- Susa land (Italy)



- Avantgarde Music



- Enisum (Demo self produced), 2006

- Sedlec Kostnice (Ep self produced), 2006

- Mountain's Breath (Album self produced), 2010

- Black Autumn (Ep self produced), 2012

- Desolation (Album self produced), 2013

- Samoth Nara (Dusktone label), 2014

- Arpitanian Lands (Dusktone label), 2015

- Seasons Of Desolation (Avantgarde Music), 2017

- Moth's Illusion (Avantgarde Music), 2019



- Nature and Desolation

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