Stay Metal!!!

Katharsys Productions is a Swiss company specialized in metal events organization. For us, music is a mixture of passion, professionalism, sharings and meetings. Those values are in the center of our activities and it concerns artists as well as the public, the workers and the public authorities.

Lot of awesomes shows were managed by this company: Orphaned Land, Marduk, Belphegor, Turisas, Celkilt, Napalm Death, Finntroll, etc... Our professionalism and competences are recognized all over Switzerland and Europe, both for the technics, welcome and used of quality products. Contact us for a personnal advice!


Your show was one of the best in the tour.


Thank you for your work "

Valerio, Enisum


Your organization is a strong one.

We will return"

Helmuth, Belphegor

Thank you for proposing us so awesome bands

Please continue "

David, public